UFC 103 - 실망스러웠던 크로캅의 시합

기권패...라고 해야 맞는건가? 차근차근 단계를 밟아가며 상대를 요리하던 예전의 모습은 사라져버렸고 뜬금없는 하이킥 몇차례 말곤 이렇다 할 공격조차 못했다. 공격하고자 하는 의지가 있는건가 의심스러울 정도로 소극적인 모습만 보이며 시종일관 방어에만 급급하다 결국 시합포기, 패배. UFC 5전 2승 3패. 계약상 두 시합이 남아있다고 알고있는데 앞으로 다시 옥타곤에 선 그를 볼 수 있을지 모르겠다.

Following his UFC 103 loss to Junior dos Santos, Dana White spoke about Mirko “Cro-Cop” Filipovic, and that his best years may have passed him by, now “Cro-Cop” has came out and spoke about the subject.

In a post fight interview with Jutarnji.hr, “Cro-Cop” reflected on his fighting career, past, present and future.

“Maybe the ones who have said that I’m done are right. Obviously, I can’t break my mental block in the Octagon. Besides, I’ve been training like a spartan for 20 years now — my body is worn out. The years caught up to me, I’ve been worn out…. [Junior dos Santos] won that fight and would have won it by decision. Simply put, he is younger, more hungry, more aggressive. He wanted to win a lot more…. The mat was slippery like glass.”

“I almost fell down trying to do the left high kick. But I’m not looking for an alibi. This was not the performance the public would pay for. I don’t feel the hunger anymore. I started playing it safe, I’m not ready to take risks.”

“I would like to thank everybody that supported me and stood by me and everyone who helped me to prepare for this fight. I’ve been living a military life for 20 years now. Getting up at 6 a.m. and having physically challenging task up to 8 p.m. I want a normal life. I’m entering a cage and thinking about fishing in Privlaka. You can’t win that way. Maybe I should’ve quit after I won the open weight grand prix.”

All angles are pointing towards Mirko “Cro-Cop” Filipovic retiring from professional mixed martial arts competition. Stick with us for more from “Cro-Cop” as and when it goes down.

주니어 도스 산토스와의 시합 후 가진 인터뷰. 은퇴를 시사하는 듯 해 어딘가 좀 슬프다.

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Commented by 우크 at 2009/09/21 11:58
크로캅 너무 아쉬움이 남는...1라운드때부터 좋지 않은 움직임을 보이더니 2라운드에서는 완전 ㅠ_ㅠ
Commented by 슴가워너비 at 2009/09/21 19:41
하이킥도 너무 뻔해서...이젠 안되는건가!
Commented by 사람해요 at 2009/09/22 02:35

우크 / 칙콩고와의 시합부터였을까요. 타격가에게도 밀리는 크로캅ㅠ 예전 스타일처럼 이번시합에서도 분명 카운터 왼손 스트레이트를 꽂아넣을 기회는 수차례 있었는데 그게 좀 아쉽고 무엇보다 육체적으로나 정신적으로 많이 노쇠했어요. 아쉽습니다.

슴가워너비 / 요새 날리는 하이킥은 뭐 '제발 좀 맞아줘!!!' 수준ㅠ

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